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Trapped In Tunisia; Troubled by Bears and Other Events

John Robertson's fictionalized memoir of the second world war takes the reader into the cockpit of a strut and fabric biplane called a Swordfish by its maker but a 'Stringbag' by its pilot and navigator. 



Sex and Light: How to Google your way to Godhood 

Alan Richardson's latest effort should have to laughing all the way to enlightenment. This multi-level masterpiece will kindle your Kundalini without shredding your Shakti. Follow Alan and Margaret as they tangle with Tantra under the guidance of the great God Google.



The Singing Stones

It should have been a happy 14th birthday. But Thomas Greystone’s life turns upside down as he is drawn into an ancient legend of unimaginable magical power. For Thomas is destined to become Archmage of Britain and stand against the evil Mordred in his attempt to stop the return of King Arthur in his country’s hour of deepest need. The final battle looms on Lammas Eve ... with an ending no-one could foretell.

“If you’re still waiting for the once and future king, wait no longer. A stunningly imaginative extension of the Arthurian legend by a truly extraordinary writer.” Herbie Brennan, author of The Faerie Wars Chronicles.

“A book full of magic and mystery by an author who knows what she is talking about. For those who love good old-fashioned story telling and the legends of Arthur in particular, this is the book for you. And be prepared for some surprises, because this is a new look at an ancient story.” John Matthews, author of King Arthur: Dark Age Warrior & Mythic Hero.

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki is the author of 26 books on the magical arts. Now she brings a lifetime of esoteric experience to a spellbinding novel that will grip you from the first page to the last. Join her now as together you unravel the deepest secrets of ... The Singing Stones!



Dancing On Air: My life with Rai Purdy 

by Verity Sweeny Purdy.

Paula Wild, journalist writes to Verity:

"The book is so well written and I love your wit and candor. And your memory amazes me as you paint such vivid pictures with your words. The book is sad too but that is being honest about all that happened. I only hope that with constant practice I can write half as well as you when I am in my 80s. Well done and congratulations!"