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Posted by twineaglespublishing on December 8, 2009 at 7:23 PM

I have seen the future of online publishing ... and it came in a most unusual form.

Sports Illustrated.

Their new online magazine will be a fully interactive, video enhanced, live game broadcast version of the existing paper magazine.

Think TV + sports stats + fun game interactivity and you just about have it.

I'm not a big sports fan but when I saw a short clip online of what they were planning to do I suddenly thought of Kindle and the future of online publishing.

It has to go beyond print on screen. 

What about a novel written with background music, or a horror novel with creepy sounds, or even sudden, almost subliminal, creepy pictures that flash on the screen when you turn a certain page.

Imagine comic books online, graphic novels in brilliant colour ...

And remember the old hyper-link programming that was the foundation of the original internet ... this has to be incorporated into online books, but with links to all sorts of different things. Imagine a who-done-it that gives you links to real places where clues are to be found. (Mystery writers, I think you have an absolute gold mine here.)

And what about a feature where readers could instantly send a message to the author. (Not all authors would like this, and I'm sure the nuisance factor would be high, but if you wanted feedback, what better way to get it than when the reader is actively involved in the book.)

Mark my words. The future of online publishing will outstrip Kindle so quickly that it won't know what hit it. 

This is not to say that Kindle isn't a kind of cool thing to carry around, but it's kind of like having an iPhone that only gives you text.

Any other suggestions? How would you design the ultimate online experience?

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